- replenish required protein
- Build Lean Muscle
- 24g Protein/30.1g
- Low Fat,Low Sugar, Low Calories
- 80% Protein with #1 component is isolated protein
- Contains Whey Hydrolysate Protein
- High Cost Perfomance Ratio
- Smooth Texture


Product Information:
Rival Whey is build for professional athelete, physqiue , bodybuilding , or anyone who is looking for top quality with a affordable price. Rival Whey #1 component is Whey Protein Isolate with the most expensive whey protein hydrolystate. These fastest acting protein acts like a reward after your hard working session. It does not just have the best ingredients it also gives you a smooth protein tasting which is hard to find in the protein world. Whey Protein isolate (WPI) is a fast acting protein which is suitable for lactose intolerance person with low fat and sugar. Whey Protein Hydrolystate (WPH) is the most expensive process of making protein with the least fast and sugar. All these add up to 1g of Fat, 1g of sugar with a little bit more than 100 calories per scoop. Active Enzyme Martix formula is their secret to breakdown the lactose which might be an option for lactose intolerance person.

Rivalus RivalWhey - 2lbs

HK$375.00 一般價格
  • Used Between meals, and 30 minutes within after workouts

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