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The Imarflex 6.3L multi-function electronic stew cooker allows you to stew, steam, cook soup, cook rice and porridge with ease, and enjoy rich dishes at home.


-8 cooking programs: fast/slow stewing, steaming, braising, soup, rice cooking and porridge

-new handle design of the upper cover, so that the upper cover can stand upright independent of the table

-9.9 hours time setting and 9.9 Hourly scheduled power-on function

-Equipped with anti-dry function

-Stainless steel separable inner pot

-Reinforced thick stainless steel shell

Imarflex 6.3L Multifunctional Electronic Stew Pot ISC-800

HK$699.00 一般價格
  • Country of origin : China

    Power : 800W

    Pot function: Soup, stew, stew, steam, porridge, other

    Features: LCD display, reservation function

    Pot capacity: 6L

    Liner material: stainless steel

    Height x Length x width (mm):  370 x 320 x 290

  • 2 Year company warranty


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