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NiceBaby baby diapers use super soft and breathable bottom film with double-layer leak-proof edges to prevent urine from infiltrating with water-absorbent beads imported from Japan. 

Faster to lock the wet and soft fabric making the baby butt more comfortable and dry. 


Small Size - 50 per pack - Suitable for 4 - 6kgs

Medium Size - 44 per pack - Suitable for 5 - 11kgs

Large Size - 40 per pack - Suitable for 9 - 13kgs

XL Size - 36 per pack - Suitable for 13kgs and UP

NiceBaby Baby Diapers Gold

HK$68.00 一般價格
For my Baby
HK$51.00每月,持續 3 個月
  • Breathable clothlike backsheet,  anti-leakage leg cuff

    ADL –speedup the absorbent

    Waistband at back- comfortable and anti-leakage

    Wetness indicator 

    Velcro tape  - multi-times fastener

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