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Hong Kong's only specialist spindryer for laundry


Spindel is a specialist laundry spin dryer that uses centrifugal force instead of heat to quickly remove excess moisture from laundry.
Now laundry can air dry in a fraction of the time or require a significantly shorter cycle in the tumble dryer – saving energy and reducing damage to fabrics.
Spindel also extracts residual detergent and mineral deposits from the fabric, so laundry dries cleaner and feels better too!
Spindel is safe for all fabrics, can be used with machine or hand-washed laundry and uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying.

How much additional moisture can be extracted by the Spindel after your washing machine’s spin cycle?
3 large cotton towels after a washing machine
spinning @ 800 RPM = 1000ml excess water
3 large cotton towels after a washing machine
spinning @ 1000 RPM = 600ml excess water


The Spindel, specialist laundry dryer will change the way we all do laundry. Spinning at 2800 RPM (triple awashing machine!) for a 3 minute cycle the Spindel can extract no less than 600ml of excess water and laundry detergent from your clothes.

Spindel - Specialist Spin Dryer

HK$2,000.00 一般價格